reconciliation       I arrived at Bible study a few minutes early.   Another classmate soon entered and surprised me by saying, “I’m mad at you.”  Assuming he was joking, I smiled and leaned back in my chair to hear the rest.  My smile soon faded as he told me how a playful jibe the week before had been taken in the wrong way.  All week long he had suffered from the pain of my thoughtless words.  I was able to apologize and ask for his forgiveness.  In my heart, I thanked the Lord for allowing us that space of time to make things right before the rest of the class arrived.  I hadn’t even known that he’d been angry.

The experience reminded me that Jesus, Himself, made overtures to sinners even before they knew of their need for reconciliation.  Romans 5:8 reminds us, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this:  While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”  Hebrews 10:19 elaborates this truth even more:  Because of the blood of Jesus we can enter into God’s presence (the Most Holy Place).  And not only that.  We can enter WITH CONFIDENCE because God’s anger has been turned away.  What a privilege!

2 thoughts on “Reconciled!

  1. Fun to read the words of a former student again, not as a class essay, but out in the “real” world. I like how you link your ability as a writer to a ministry of feeding His sheep.

  2. I have had that happen to me more than once, that something I said quite innocently was taken wrongly and a person offended and I had no idea. Thankfully, like you, I was able to put things right.

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