What is Your Dream Job?

Over Christmas vacation we were sitting around the dinner table with our sons.  David asked us, “If you could work anywhere in the world for any salary, what would you do?” He answered his own question by saying he’d be the head of a software company in California.  Nathan added that he’d like to be a marine biologist in Australia.  Andrew said he’d be a CEO for an oil company in Dubai.  (He quickly added that he’d give lots of his money to missions!)  Steven said he’d like to be involved in ministry somewhere.

We were aware of some of these aspirations beforehand, but others were new and gave us food for thought.  As Dan and I pondered our own answer, we both came to the same conclusion. Our “dream job” would be to live and work in Brazil, helping to strengthen the Brazilian church. The world might not see our profession as upwardly mobile, but we’ve had the privilege of living out our dream for the last 20 years!  And we can’t take any credit for it.  The Lord, in His goodness and faithfulness, called us into ministry and then gave us a love for the Brazilian people that far surpassed our human capacity for affection.  Truly, His ways are perfect.  We couldn’t have dreamed anything bigger or better for ourselves.




4 thoughts on “What is Your Dream Job?

  1. It’s so nice when you can say you are happy with your ‘job’. And you can know that you are accomplishing something…..something important…..even eternal. God Bless you….what a great family!!!

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