As Thou Hast Been, Thou Forever Wilt Be

Last week our fifteen year old son, Andrew, had a bout with scarlet fever.  When he came home from the doctor‘s office with several prescriptions, I began to calculate when he should start taking them and how often I would have to remind him.   As I unfolded my plan, he rolled his eyes and let out an all too familiar sigh which signifies “My parents are hopeless,” and immediately set three alarms on his iTouch, which would beep when it was time to take his meds.  Times have changed!

Recently, at a funeral, the scripture was read from a smart phone.  I don’t mind people reading from digital Bibles, but I guess I expected a little more formality on that occasion.  (Even as I write that, I almost hear Andrew sighing.)

Life is full of changes.  Our sudden departure from Brazil in 2009 was a big one.  Our transition from missionary life to stateside life was another.  Watching our teenagers grow up and leave home has been one more.  The Lord has been with us in every adjustment, whether big or small, and we have found comfort in the words of an old hymn, In every change, He faithful will remain.  Now, as we look forward to returning to Brazil, there’s another change coming.  We’ll be heading to a new location in the capital of Brasília.  What a comfort to know that the Lord will go before us, preparing every step of our way.


2 thoughts on “As Thou Hast Been, Thou Forever Wilt Be

  1. Glad to hear of your upcoming return to Brazil and your assignment to the city of Brasilia. What is your schedule for departure? What will your ministry be in Brasilia?

    • Hello Shirley,

      We are set to leave on July 19th. The FMC is planting several churches in Brasília and we are going to help them get off the ground. We are really excited about this opportunity. Thanks for your interest in our ministry!

      Blessings, Hope

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