Steps and Stops

A year ago I would never have believed it if you told me my husband was an amazing cook.  But now on Thursday evenings you’ll find Dan in our kitchen whipping up a fabulous meal.

Teaching is my gift and it’s what I love to do more than anything.  So if you had asked me if I had lots to learn in that area, I would probably have said, “No, not much.”  Yet in these past few semesters of teaching at the university, I’ve been challenged to try new methods and am a far better teacher than I was before.

We have been learning the truth of what George Mullër wrote:  “God not only orders our steps.   He orders our stops.” Twelve months ago we were SO READY to return to Brazil.  Dan’s health was one hundred percent better.  Our three older children were well established in college.  We had completed the requisite year of partnership building.  And we were raring to go.

Mysteriously, the door closed and we were faced with another year of living Stateside.   But did the Lord let us sit idly by, waiting for the day we’d finally have our tickets in hand?  No.  He kept encouraging us to learn and grow.  He gave us leadership positions that stretched us.  He allowed us to be here for family members with tremendous needs.  He taught us to keep trusting Him when the future is uncertain.  He gave us an overwhelming sense of His loving presence in our lives.

When you walk with Jesus, the steps and the stops have the same purpose.  They teach us to love Him, trust Him, and serve Him, no matter what!



9 thoughts on “Steps and Stops

  1. What a beautiful, upbeat and encouraging letter. I am praising God with you for what he has done and will do–and looking forward to your “stop in Wilmore July 6 and 7. Unless you have made other arrangements, you will be stopping in my home for bed and breakfast and to enjoy the quiet beauty of my backyard garden retreat.

  2. Thanks for the update and God’s working inyour lives. God’s ways are still the best. His blessings as you move and out.
    Ken Traxler

  3. Love your writings, Hope; your sharing of your heart and inspirational thoughts;and I love you too~ so blessed with your friendship; sorry you’ll be arriving in Brazil as we are leaving Burundi to arrive Stateside~ PTL for e-mail and facebook and prayer that we stay in touch with one another. blesssings. barb

  4. So happy for you! I know your heart is in Brazil and every delay has been heart-breaking. Of course, God always sends blessings with our trials and it is good to hear you focus on God’s blessings in your wait. You are so precious to us.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. I needed this today. We are at a stop, knowing the steps are coming. Just hard to not knowing when the steps will begin again. Thank you for your faithfulness in stepping and stopping.

  6. STEPS and STOPS! What a good way to see God’s leadership..
    I also see our taking baby steps first… 🙂
    luvya.. with God’s richest blessings… whatever they are !!

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