Focused on Minutiae

We leave for Brazil in less than a week and the house is a wreck of half-packed suitcases.  In a mad decision to “get it over with” I dumped all the contents of closets and drawers out onto beds and dressers, hoping that would motivate me to liquidate each pile.

But having all our junk out in the open is just plain depressing!  And it’s so overwhelming that I find I am easily distracted by projects that don’t matter.  I clean out my inbox when I should be cleaning out my cupboards.  When I finally get to the kitchen, I ignore the chaos of half-emptied cabinets and stop to fill a roll of pennies.    I have to keep reminding myself to stay focused on the big tasks.

Yesterday the couple who will be renting our house came by to look it over.  I swallowed my pride as they threaded their way through our messes.  I forced myself to ignore them and to keep sorting.  Dan, on the other hand, stopped everything and talked to them for over an hour.  I gulped as I heard them ending their time together with prayer.  In my effort to stay on task, had I ignored God’s priorities?

As we tie up loose ends before our move, my “to do” list is important.  People, however, are more important and I thank the Lord for the reminder.  I’ll need it as we arrive in Brasília where my temptation will be to focus on setting up house.  May the Lord give me grace to center my attention on new friends and neighbors.  In the long run the rest doesn’t matter.

4 thoughts on “Focused on Minutiae

  1. You will make it. I know you will. As you keep focused (and Dan prays), the mountains will move and the piles diminish, and what needs to go in the suitcases will be in the suitcases when you head to the airport. The rest will be wherever it needs to go–storage, trash, giveaway, wherever. As my husband always said, “it’s all wood, hay and stubble.” It’s people that are important. And you have some very important people to say goodbye to.
    Thanks for taking time to come to Wilmore last weekend. Our time with you was very special, and your picture has found its place on my prayer reminder bulletin board. “Go with God.”
    –Shirley McMillan

  2. Me, too. I have to constantly say to myself “people come first”. I’m always thinking about Jesus saying “what you do unto others you do unto me”. It’s so easy to be too busy for people (for Jesus?), isn’t it? I totally understand where you are coming from.

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