Making Connections

We’ve been in Brazil for a week and are still in awe that we are back.  In a sense we are home.  In another sense we are in a strange place since we’ve never lived in the city of Brasília.  So we’ve been enjoying things that are familiar (Brazilian coffee, crusty breakfast rolls, rice and beans) at that same time that we’ve been trying to make friends, figure out new traffic patterns and explore unknown neighborhoods.

We arrived on a Friday morning and Dan preached both Saturday (in the Valparaiso FMC) and Sunday (in the Luziania FMC).   Dan had met all the pastors beforehand, but for Hope there were many new faces.

Andrew and Dan travelled three hours on the following Wednesday to watch Andrew’s favorite team play soccer.  After the game Andrew was able to reconnect with a Brazilian teenager he knew in Cuiabá.

It’s been an adventure hunting for a home.  Our new friend, Guilherme, has helped us to find our way around.  He and his wife Lidiane will be our co-workers as we plant a church in this area so we were happy to find an apartment near theirs.

Although we already have strong ties to Brazil, we praise the Lord for helping us to connect to friends, old and new.

7 thoughts on “Making Connections

  1. Thank you for the update. Just know you are missed here at the Arbor. The big garage sale was this week with large crowds, in spite of the weather, rain, finally.

  2. I bet Dan LOVED preaching in Portuguese again! Glad you are settling in. We’ll be praying for a fruitful ministry and happy times.

  3. Dear Hope,

    So happy to hear you have found friends old and new, and an apartment. I pray your settling in goes smoothly and your new pad becomes a comfortable home for the three of you and for friends you will welcome there. Did Andrew’s favorite team win the game?

    We finally got some wonderful rain last week, and again last night. Thirsty fields and gardens have perked up. Grass has started growing again, and lawns will soon need mowing after a long hiatus.

    It was such an honor and pleasure to have you in my home, and I feel so much more connected as I pray for you.

  4. So happy to be able to connect with you. It helps to know how to pray. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure you will find many wonderful new friends and that God will be at work in your ministry.

  5. Thanks for all the news of your arrival in Brazil. I have been thinking of each one of you, as the days pass. I’m sure it was really nice to meet old friends, but also will make new ones as well. I know you will be a real blessing, once again, in Brazil.
    Will look forward to your next update. Nay the Lord undertake in every way.
    Lovingly, Your Sincere Friend in the Lord, Agnes.

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