Wimpy Prayers

In recent months I’ve been praying a lot about our return to Brazil, especially for our fifteen year old son, Andrew, and the potential difficulty of switching high schools.  I have been praying that he would find at least one friend in his new school and that he would be able to withstand the stresses of re-adapting to another culture.  Before we left the U.S. we visited one of our supporting churches and had the privilege of being prayed over by the pastor there.  He prayed specifically for Andrew, but the vision of his prayer was much broader than mine.  Instead of praying for mere survival, he asked the Lord to make Andrew a leader in his new school and to make him a blessing to the Brazilians.  As I heard him, I gulped and asked the Lord to forgive me for thinking of Andrew alone, rather than of Andrew in the context of God’s larger plan.

After we arrived in Brazil we had many difficulties in procuring an apartment.  I had prayed for a place with living room large enough for holding Bible studies, but as time went by, I said, “Lord, we’ll take anything!” At the time I mistook that for a prayer of submission, but when I saw the wonderful place that the Lord eventually gave us, I think I was actually wimping out:  “Lord, you obviously can’t give us a large place, so give us whatever…”   It’s wonderful to know that however we pray God hears us.  May I continue to learn to trust Him for big answers instead of little ones.


5 thoughts on “Wimpy Prayers

  1. Max Lucado said in one of his books “The power of prayer is not in the pray-er but in The One who hears the prayer”.
    I found this so reassuring as I have always thought of myself as “not much of a pray-er”. What a blessing to know that I don’t have to be that good at it. All I need to do is pray however poorly. God will do the rest.

  2. I can totally relate to your wimpy prayer. I, too, find that I do not look at things from the broad perspective of our Father. I am so glad that he knows so much more than we and he knows our real needs better than we do.

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