Spiritual Hearing Aids

After three years away from Brazil I knew my ability to speak Portuguese would be a little rusty. What I didn’t expect was that my ability to hear it would be affected as well. As my speaking skills return, I’m amazed at how I still struggle to interpret the sounds that are coming out of people’s mouths. I need to expose myself to spoken Portuguese as much as possible if I’m going to regain my capacity for language comprehension. I’ve learned that listening, like speaking, is a skill that can be lost if not put into practice.

How often in my spiritual walk has the Lord had to remind me to pay attention to His voice? When I go merrily about my daily tasks without first getting in tune with Him through Bible reading and prayer, I soon lose my ability to hear the Holy Spirit. How quickly I listen to the lies propagated by the media about what matters (romance, popularity, money, etc.) and forget to hear that still small voice calling me to holiness and obedience. Thankfully, listening to God is a skill that can be improved!


7 thoughts on “Spiritual Hearing Aids

  1. Hope: I have always enjoyed your writings, especially when you are so honest about yourself. I need to follow that example, too, where my life is concerned. You are so frank about everything, and I like that. Thanks, Hope. You are in my prayers, and Dan and family, too.

  2. Hope, Way to go! I are practicing with you to be a better listener of the Holy Spirit. May God bless you today as you listen and speak for the Lord. Jan Davis

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