Shouldn’t Somebody Call the Police?

As the sun went down we put on our sweaters to ward off the evening chill.  We walked down the street in the growing dimness and could just barely see the outline of a large trampoline blocking the road.  A large sound system was blaring Christian music throughout the neighborhood of Sao Caetano and I wondered about the legality of our open air service; but no one seemed to mind the noise and confusion.  As the kids swarmed around the trampoline and cotton candy machine, a couple dozen members of the Luziania FMC arrived to start the service.  The pastor opened with prayer.  Then he asked each church member to find a non-church member to pray with.

After some lively group singing, a Christian rapper (an ex-con) got up to share his testimony and to sing.  This was followed by powerful evangelistic skits from the drama team.  Dan preached and as he was giving the invitation, a man with a gun was weaving his way through the crowd to avenge a wrong done to him.  He stopped at the house across the street from where Dan was speaking and some members of the crowd succeeded in getting him to leave without incident.

After the service we heard MANY stories of how God was at work.   One man had burst into tears as he was being prayed over and went home in shame.  Later his wife returned, asking our friend, Guilherme, to come home and talk to him.  Both of them accepted the Lord.  Another church member missed much of the service because she was in the house of former church members, counseling and encouraging them.  Following Dan’s sermon, many came forward for prayer.  Although there were several times I thought we needed police intervention, God was doing the intervening. 

We sensed real spiritual hunger there, and are praying that many will attend the home Bible study that will be meeting on Thursday nights.


13 thoughts on “Shouldn’t Somebody Call the Police?

  1. Wow, Hope! That’s quite a story. I have been praying for you guys; for spiritual, mental and physical health and that you would see the fruits of your labour. God is answering prayer but I think I’ll add “and for safety” too.

  2. Hi Dan and Hope!!! So great to hear of your return to Brazil. We are in prayer for you and for your extended family. Thank you for the gracious love you show to the world. – Joel & Barb Wright (Chicago, EUA)

  3. This brought tears to my eyes knowing how wonderful and powerful our God is! Nothing is beyond His ability! How humbling to know that He works all over the world.

  4. It’s just like Jesus to powerfully gather beloved Brazilians unto Himself, to protect, restore and use every creative means. I hope you learn to rap for a future t blog!

  5. I’m with Yvonne on this, ready for a rap, Hope! I’m so excited for the churches in Brasilia and for you, Dan and Andrew. Your story reminds me of the line, ‘wonder-working power’, from There Is Power In Blood.

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