Little is Much

I was recently asked to work a few mornings a week at Andrew’s school.  Two third graders were struggling to keep up with the class work and their teacher was straining to juggle their needs while still teaching the other students.  Basically, I sit between them and help them read instructions, pay attention, and stay on task.  It’s easy.  But according to their teacher it makes all the difference in the world.  Never have I been appreciated so much for doing so little.

This morning as I was going through my prayer list, I was reminded that prayer works in a similar way.  We pray simple, heartfelt prayers, but they seem “little” in the whole scheme of things.  But in light of God’s willingness to hear and answer, they become “bigger” than we ever dreamed.  Missionary Frederick J. Huegel once wrote, “Intercession provides the necessary basis for God to work.  This ministry is greater than all others.  It is not folly to say that without intercession, God cannot work the things He wishes to do in the salvation of sinful man.  God limits Himself to our intercession.”

Don’t be discouraged if a situation is so out of your control that “all you can do is pray.” At that point, you are putting yourself in the hands of our All-Powerful Lord.  And help doesn’t get any bigger than that!


One thought on “Little is Much

  1. Huge reminder as I pray for a girl on heroin for 11 years. She is trying to break free and can’t get into a place for detox for a week.

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