Inverted Holiday


It is lunch time on Good Friday and the delicious smell of codfish, a traditional meal at this time of year, is wafting in through the windows.  It seems strange to us that stores which are closed today will be open on Sunday.  We evangelicals think of Easter as the highlight of the weekend, but in this Catholic country, Christ’s death is the emphasis.  (We are reminded of it every time we enter a shop with a crucifix on the wall.  Christ’s body is still there.)

Yesterday Dan met with his friends at the mechanic’s shop for a short worship service.   One of the workers told Dan that no one at his house is allowed to talk loudly or use profanity till noon on Good Friday.  (How’s that for a Lenten fast?!)  And yet Easter has practically no significance for them.

We praise the Lord for the Good News of His resurrection and we thank Him for allowing us to be sharers of that wonderful news.  Yes, death came first.  But, oh, the joy of knowing the risen Savior and walking in newness of life!  Pray that we’ll continue to have opportunities to make His truths known.


5 thoughts on “Inverted Holiday

  1. Whatever would we do without the hope of the Resurrection? In our darkest moments the light shines brightly ahead. Keep shining!

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