Divine Mistakes by Dan Owsley

Thursday mornings I visit my car repair shop to read the Bible and pray with the two mechanics and their office manager.  You may remember my writing about them earlier in “Three Men and a Car.” None of these friends are Christians yet, but they allow me to come and share with them each week.

Last Thursday I kicked myself as I drove up to the shop when I discovered that I had forgotten my reading glasses at home.  After a moment of consternation, I decided to do the obvious and ask one of them to read the scripture passage in my place.  Goiano was chosen by his fellow-workers and reluctantly agreed.  Slowly and steadily he read the text in First Peter.  He gave me a huge smile when I thanked him.  He jokingly announced that he would be the official reader from now on, not paying any attention to the jeers of his fellow-workers.  I went on to expound on the Scripture passage before praying for them and their requests.

Following the time of worship, I was amazed when Goiano came to me and asked for a Bible reading assignment.   He wanted to know which book of the Bible he should read.  I had given him a new Bible months ago, along with some pointers for getting started, but whenever I asked whether he was reading, he would change the subject.  Now he demonstrated a new eagerness. So forgetting to bring my reading glasses was providential. The public reading of the Scripture had given him a taste of how good it was and had stirred within him a desire to read more. God used my forgetfulness for His glory.

9 thoughts on “Divine Mistakes by Dan Owsley

  1. Praise God! Isn’t the God we serve absolutely amazing! Even when we kick ourselves for our mistakes, God is big enough to turn things around and use them for good in His kingdom. That’s enough to shout alleluia over.

    Jean and Wes

  2. What a great story! I had to find my glasses to read it![?]

    *Ginny Hannen* Administrative Assistant Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church 120 E Main, PO Box 399 Spring Arbor, MI 49283 517-750-2400

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