God Knew Her Heart

A.C. is one of my new friends in Brasília and one of the godliest people I know.  She attended my fall and spring Bible studies and showed unusual insight into God’s word. She and her husband are planting a Free Methodist church in a nearby city.

Recently we attended a retreat for church planters and I got a chance to question her about her faith journey.  She told me that her dad had been violent and domineering. Her mother was mentally ill and mostly confined to an institution.  At 17 she left home and a year later moved in with her boyfriend. They had a baby. Shortly afterwards he left.  Though not yet a Christian, she remembers asking God to give her a home, more children, and a husband.

When she returned to high school to finish her education, she met a smart aleck kid who was a few years her junior.  She thought he was just plain annoying.  He lived near a friend of hers, however, and used to walk her there to make sure she was safe. When they started dating, his father was outraged.  He thought that a single woman with a child could only be a “tramp”, and strongly urged his son to have nothing to do with her.

After a few years the two were married.  While he worked three jobs to make ends meet, A.C. stayed home with her little girl. In her free time she read the Bible that someone had given her. Her husband was invited to join a Bible study.  Both became interested in Christianity and accepted an invitation to attend the FMC of Luziania.  Within a year they were baptized and married.  They’ve been faithfully serving and growing ever since.

Her father-in-law saw no potential in her, but thankfully, God looked deeper.  I Samuel 16:7 says, “For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart.”

I’m so glad He does!

4 thoughts on “God Knew Her Heart

  1. It had to be very hard for her to overcome her father in law’s dislike for her. Praise God for coming along side. What glory she and her husband are bringing to God now!

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