Small Seeds, Big Fruits


For the past twenty-one days the members of our church plant have been fasting and praying together. Our theme has been “Sowing with Abundance.”  We have been asking God to help us sow seeds of the gospel every day in an effort to win our neighbors to Christ.

Sometimes we sow seeds and never see the results, but lately the Lord has allowed us to catch a glimpse of how small acts on our part can bring big results on His part. Several months ago one of our churches asked if we would donate Bibles. Happily we provided 20 NIVs and didn’t think much more about it.  Last Sunday, however, we happened to visit this church and saw many folks holding their new Bibles. (It hadn’t occurred to us that there might be Christians without Bibles. We had assumed the Bibles were for new converts.)

During the testimony time, two women shared how the pastor had challenged them to read the Bible from cover to cover for the first time in their lives. They testified to how their lives were being turned around.

Another tiny seed was planted during my Theology of John Wesley class. I spent an hour one day sharing about Charles Wesley and his contribution to Methodism. I compared some of his hymns to modern day choruses, showing the difference in theological heft from one to the other. I challenged my students to choose choruses for their church worship services that glorified God rather than just “feel good” songs. Little did I realize that one of my students was a worship leader in his church and would put that advice to practice immediately.

Lastly, I have written about the inductive Bible study with FM pastor’s wives that was initiated soon after our arrival. One of the women, Chris, was so changed by the study that she began to teach the material to anyone who would meet with her. The Lord continues to open ministry doors for her and many lives are being transformed as she teaches God’s word.

Praise the Lord who uses our meager efforts to bring honor and glory to Himself.


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