A Year of Living Bravely

Occasionally we attend the English-speaking church here in Brasília. It’s a joy to worship with believers from all over the world in a common language (a taste of heaven!) Yet it tends to be Western in style with everybody staying at a safe distance from each other in the pews.

Yesterday, however, the pastor decided to shake things up. After we had sung a few praise songs, he stood up and announced that for a few minutes we would all be praying silently in our seats. Those who wanted to come forward for prayer would be more than welcome to do so. I could feel the people around me bristle at this new wrinkle to the traditional service. Was he actually daring to suggest that they leave the comfort of their pews to admit they had a personal need? (In front of God and everybody?!) Soon a small trickle of people braved public opinion to ask for prayer. It was a small act of courage on everyone’s part, but it set the tone of the New Year for me.

Will I take the risk of inviting people into my life (at the possible cost of rejection) and into the life of the Aguas Claras church this year? If I do, maybe some of them will dare to accept and will experience the life changing power of His grace. In 2014 may we boldly take on new challenges for Jesus’ sake and watch and see what He will do.

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