The Power of His Word

Evangelho de JoãoIt is not uncommon to spend many months (even years) in ministry without seeing much fruit. But occasionally the results of planting a small seed come so quickly that they astound us and knock us off our feet. That is what has been happening in our friendship with Nubia and Edson.

A year ago they lost one of their adult sons in a tragic accident. The whole family turned away from the Lord, except for the mother, Nubia. Although we did not know them, Dan was asked to do the funeral because Nubia´s brother is a friend of ours. At the funeral Dan offered to meet with them in their home if they ever needed help or counsel. They never responded.

Until two months ago….

Seemingly out of nowhere, they invited us to do a weekly Bible study. Imagine! Even though only one member of the group professed faith in Jesus Christ, the whole family attended. Dan began a study on the miracles in the book of John. And that is when we began to see miracles happen in the lives of our new friends.

Within a matter of weeks one of the daughters (Erika) was reconciled to her husband. Nubia made peace with her mother from whom she had been estranged. Edson gave up drinking. And Nubia was given permission to hold a Bible study in her workplace.

Did all their problems go away? Of course not. They still carry a great deal of pain over the loss of their son. Edson still struggles with another addiction. Erika cannot find a job. But as we study the Word together we are experiencing the truth of Isaiah 55:11 – so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose.

Even in the midst of their suffering, God is accomplishing His purposes!




4 thoughts on “The Power of His Word

  1. Praise God! It’s so exciting hearing about God working–changing, saving, reconciling, healing… That God allows us to see the results of a seed planted is so marvelous. Thanks for letting us know. Jean and Wes

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