Ripple Effects

Dan and Cicero

Dan and Cicero

Valeria and Cicero are a Free Methodist couple who live an hour away from us.  Because they live in the opposite direction of the other Free Methodist churches (also an hour away), we don’t see them very often. We knew they had been experiencing difficulties in their family, so Dan recently called to see how they were coming along.

What a joy to discover that they are doing much better. Their son has been reconciled to his wife and both Valeria and Cicero have been growing stronger spiritually. When Dan asked the cause, they cited Cicero’s sister Núbia. (You may remember we shared a bit of her story in an earlier post.) Núbia’s testimony of how God is transforming her life encouraged them to stay on course. I Samuel 23:16 tells of a time when Jonathan visited David and “helped him find strength in God.”  Although Núbia would be the first to say their lives are not perfect, she is anxious to help others find the same strength and hope that she has found.  We praise God for how He continues to work in this family.

One thought on “Ripple Effects

  1. That is such an encouraging story! I’m praying special blessings on Nubia, and on Valeria and Cicero and their family.

    Shirley McMillan

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