God Uses “Weird” Pastors

Pastor Samuel

Pastor Samuel

Iris was given a substantial money gift from her employer and wanted to invest it in a piece of land on which she and her husband Felix could build their first home. After looking at many different lots they settled on one in Luziania. They built a simple brick house and moved in. Then they noticed some strange activity across the street. A motorcyclist would drive up, stop at the house for a few minutes and then pull away. Later a van would do the same thing. Then a pedestrian.There was traffic in and out all day, which could only mean one thing. They were living across from a drug dealer!

When they saw the owner of the house, a handsome man wearing brightly colored shorts, they were sure their hunch was correct and were horrified that their two children would grow up in that environment. Imagine their surprise when they learned that the man was not a drug dealer, but a Free Methodist pastor. (They’d never seen a pastor who didn’t wear a suit.) Iris came from a devout Catholic family and was suspicious of Protestants so whenever she saw Samuel after that, she hid behind the curtain of her living room so that he couldn’t talk to her about Jesus. But she couldn’t resist when a neighbor invited her to visit the Free Methodist church.  In a short period of time Pastor Samuel led her to the Lord.

Now six years later, Iris is still walking with Jesus. Her husband became a believer last year. They are grateful that instead of a temporary fix, the “drug dealer” across the street shared the gift of everlasting life.

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