A Holy Slowness

Sun DialEveryone I know is crazy busy, myself included. I teach English to international students every morning at BIS and rush from class to class. I often wolf down lunch before rushing home to afternoon and evening commitments. The Lord has been convicting me of being so busy with ministry activities that I’m not really available for hurting people.

Recently one of my classes was cancelled and I had time for a leisurely lunch. Another teacher sat across from me and poured out her heart about some medical/personal issues she was having. A few days later I was heading home (speed-walking, as usual) when a woman stopped me on the sidewalk for directions to the subway station. I offered to show her the way and slowed my pace to hers. As we walked and talked she asked me about my profession. Her eyes opened wide as I explained I was a missionary. She gripped my arm and she asked, “Do you pray?” When I answered in the affirmative, she began to pour out her troubles. She was relieved and happy as I wrote down her name and requests.

What impresses me about both these incidents is that I really didn’t DO anything but slow down. Again, the Holy Spirit seems to be saying, “Stop rushing and start being available to me.” My goal for the coming year is to be more obedient to that request. What about you? Has the Lord been speaking to you in a special way? What is something you hope to change with His help in 2015?


4 thoughts on “A Holy Slowness

  1. You are so right, Hope. God has convicted me, too, that people come before almost anything (“whatever you do for the least of my brethren you do unto me”). I was rushing through the mall the other day when I saw a dear, elderly, member of our church (a widowed missionary) having coffee all alone in the mall coffee shop. I stopped dead in my tracks, put my head in the door and said “can I join you for coffee”. It was such a sweet time of fellowship. I really enjoy visiting with elderly members of our community. They are so wise and have such wonderful memories.

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