Missionary Diary Entry #2

Because there are just some things you cannot put into a newsletter. . . .


I recently read Andrew Murray´s book, A Life of Obedience. I have been asking the Lord to help me to be obedient to the nudges of His Holy Spirit and He has opened up several opportunities for me to talk to people about deeper things. Every day as I walk to school, I see an elderly man out in front of his house. When I first saw him I was struck by his long white pony tail. So when I noticed that he had cut it off, I stopped and asked him about it. He ended up telling me about some other things, especially about his upcoming heart catheterization and his fears about that. I promised I would pray for him. A week later I knocked at his front gate to find out how things had gone. He was surprised to see me there and told me all about it. I reiterated that I had prayed for him. Then he told me he was a devout spiritist. He took my hand and looked me in the eye and said, “I know that in another life we must have been very close.”  Words failed me!

5 thoughts on “Missionary Diary Entry #2

  1. WOW! What could one say to that? Only the TURE HOLY SPIRIT can bring light and truth to him. May the darkness be lifted and his spiritual life be enlightened by the HOLY SPIRIT! Praying



  2. Praying that the Lord will keep you safe as you contact people that may not have good intentions. Be careful, Hope.

  3. I wonder what you looked like. Hopefully this will lead to more conversation between you. I will pray for this.

  4. May the Lord open this man’s eyes to the truth. Keep on loving him into the Kingdom, and wearing your spiritual armor as you battle evil. Praying for power for you.

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