Faithful is He Who Calls You

JW EditingIt’s been almost 30 years since we arrived in Brazil and our job description has fluctuated between christian education, theological training, preaching, discipling, church planting and a dozen other things. It seems that every time we move the Lord has something just a little different from before to keep us growing and trusting Him. Most recently He  has laid it on my heart to edit a devotional book based on the sermons of John Wesley. I’ve taught Theology of John Wesley off and on for many years and have always bemoaned the fact that so little is available in Portuguese. As far back as 2008 I felt Him nudge me to do something about it. I even put it on my prayer list. But overcome with insecurities, I kept putting it off.

Finally, last year my son Nathan challenged me to take the plunge and set small reachable goals for each week. It was the push I needed, and it has been my joy to read and re-read Wesley’s sermons in English and Portuguese and to choose the passages that will fit well in a devotional format. There are days when I’m still overcome with feelings of inadequacy over the bigness of the project, but I’m trusting the Lord to help me complete what He has called me to do. (I Thess 5:24)

Please join me in prayer that this project will be finished in the Lord’s timing and that it will be a blessing to the Church in Brazil.

5 thoughts on “Faithful is He Who Calls You

  1. What a wonderful project! I pray that the work will continue to bless you, and that the Spirit will bring much fruit from it. Will it be available in English too, I hope?

  2. Hope, May God help you tackle this project and make progress because John Wesley has much to say to our generation. Yes, God is faithful and will see you through this devotional.

    Blessings on you and Dan in your bare nest. I can hardly believe so much time has passed that 3 of your boys have graduated from SAU.

    With love,


  3. Your letters bring back so many memories of the time when we were fellow missionaries with your parents in Brazil. I would love to visit Brazil, but I JUST TURNED 90 So it is a little late. Blessings on you as you work for our Master.

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