Missionary Diary Entry #3

Cookout with Church Planters

Cookout with Church Planters

Dear Diary,

I did a lot of soul-searching about my schedule and saw that I was involved in several things that did not fit into my ministry goals so I’m trusting the Lord to help me get back on track. Traci Eastin’s book The Organized Heart helped me to see that I often make an idol out of busyness. (ouch!)

The irony is that once I decided to say “no” to extra stuff, we were hit by a deluge of things out of our control. I’ve wanted to have the teachers from Andrew’s English school over for many weeks, but there never seemed to be a convenient time. I finally picked a random Saturday on the calendar and sent out the invitations. Unbeknownst to me everybody in our church thought that would also be a great weekend for (1) a special Saturday evening service celebrating John Wesley’s heartwarming experience and (2) an all-day Sunday retreat for the Aguas Claras church planters. Add to that the fact that I was given the task of preparing gifts for all the pastors (to be presented after the service) and of preparing a message for all the women at the retreat; my head was spinning.

Thankfully, the Saturday breakfast was a wonderful success. Dan made his amazing pancakes and about eleven people (including teacher’s spouses and children) came. The pastor’s gifts are all wrapped and we head to Luziania in about an hour for the Wesley service. I’ll be tweaking my message for the ladies on the way there (one hour drive) and will give it tomorrow morning.

The Lord is my constant help!

2 thoughts on “Missionary Diary Entry #3

  1. Hope,head was spinning just reading it! Glad you are significantly younger than I! Keeping you in our prayers, Lillian, for Tony, too.

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