Mighty Angels

blstrong angel2The Catholic Cathedral in Brasilia was built in the 1960s. Its architecture is too modern for what is normally called a cathedral, but there are many aspects of the building which point to God’s power and majesty. Gigantic bronze angels hang from the ceiling, but they are nothing like the wimpy angels pictured on Christmas greeting cards (with “peaceful wings unfurled”.)

The smallest of the three angels weighs 220 pounds and the largest weighs three times that much. They are huge and heavy, causing you to marvel at the strength and power implied in their massive forms. They more accurately portray the angels of the Bible who in almost every appearance have to tell their listeners to not be afraid. (Zechariah, Mary, the shepherds, etc.)

The History Channel recently showed a miniseries of the Bible and added elements that were not in Scripture, especially the sword-slashing Ninja angels. I actually liked that twist because it was a more accurate alternative to the ethereal glowing creatures we think of as guardians. (Google “guardian angel” to see what I mean.)

Yes, they watch out for us, but they are also warriors (Daniel 10) and agents of divine justice (Matthew 13:49-50). So when you read in Psalm 91 that God will command his angels to guard you in all your ways, remember their awe-inspiring appearance in the Christmas story and know that they are not mild-mannered chaperones, but fearful and mighty defenders.



4 thoughts on “Mighty Angels

  1. Well said. I know of some instances where an angel might have been involved. It will be interesting when we get to Heaven and meet the angels and learn about all the times they helped us, mostly when we were totally unsuspecting.

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