One More Victory

JoaquimDuring our recent home assignment we shared about the many obstacles that the Lord has helped us to overcome in our church plant in Brasília: providing a place for us to live, providing ways to reach out to our neighbors, providing a great high school experience for Andrew, and providing a storefront building for church services.

Many challenges still remain, but God is faithful. Although we had clearance from the realtor and building owner to meet as a church, the building manager was antagonistic. Because of him we were not able to put up a sign saying that we were a church. Many of you prayed about that and when we returned to Brazil a few weeks ago, we discovered that the building manager had quit (halfway through his term) and that the new building manager was much more open to having us meet for public worship. When he and Dan met recently, he gave us the go-ahead to put up a placard that will let people in the neighborhood know who we are and when services are held. This is a huge answer to prayer and we can’t thank you enough for interceding on our behalf.

Another note of praise is that in spite of having no signage indicating that we are a church, a neighborhood couple found out about us through word of mouth and began faithfully attending. They have wonderful servant hearts and last Sunday they were accepted as our first new members!


8 thoughts on “One More Victory

  1. Praise God! It’s wonderful to watch the Lord work.

    Two days ago as I was praying with one of my gals about her finances, I asked God to sell a cow. After the prayer, I explained that since God owned the cattle on a thousand hills, he had cows to sell. The following day she heard from 3 supporters. Their gifts covered almost everything she still needed. She’ll start working in April. It’s been exciting to watch her reactions as she watched God work. I feel one of my most important tasks is to remind my clients that it’s God who does the work for His Kingdom, not “our” work, and it will come about as we pray and depend on Him.

    With love,


  2. Dear Dan and Hope,

    Thank you, oh thank you for taking note of the Lord’s help to you and of His redemption to others. It seems like the building manager is a person of peace. Surely the Lord is also ministering to him also. We are eternally grateful, Y and D

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