In Due Season We Will Reap by Dan Owsley

gardenersThe Parque Alvorada FMC is one of our poorer churches in the greater Brasília area. The neighborhood around it is booming and the church is trying to do some remodeling to accommodate the growth. But funds are tight and the work is slow.

I was surprised when I arrived at Parque Alvorada last week to see two young men bending over a plot of ground with watering buckets in hand. When I asked what they were doing, they replied that their pastor had challenged the youth to raise money for the building project.  They had taken his words to heart and decided to make garden plots. They planned to plant and sell the produce, giving the proceeds toward the building campaign. What a wonderful way to use the soil to reap a greater harvest for the Kingdom of God!

It is also a powerful picture of what we are doing as church planters.  Daily we ask the Lord to lead us to people whose hearts are tender toward the gospel (good soil) and weekly we water and care for the young “sprouts,” trusting God to bring a rich harvest in His timing. Please continue to pray for us to be faithful to the task to which He has called us.

4 thoughts on “In Due Season We Will Reap by Dan Owsley

  1. Great report! God bless the Boys and may they prosper along with the church. I think this is probably the start of something big. May God protect the harvest! Love, Lillian

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