Brazil Snapshot #46

This is photo #46 (of 50) in a series about life in Brazil. We never go out for hamburgers in Brazil because American-style fast food is much more expensive than “real” food. We prefer the Brazilian version of fast-food, which most restaurants have. It is a long buffet table laden with salads and hot foods (nothing processed) where you serve yourself and then pay for the meal by weight. I (Hope) usually get everything I want for about $5. Dan heaps his plate high for about $8.


2 thoughts on “Brazil Snapshot #46

  1. Hope, we have a small Brazilian restaurant here that has a nice little buffet and one pays by weight. But what I’m hungry for is a good “Prego de bife”! I found a recipe on-line and make them sometimes. Garlic and wine. Um yum. Love you. Miss you. Pray for you. The Snapshots are a great idea – making an album?? Lillian, for Tony, too.


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