The Joy of Reconciliation

Nubia croppedRecently Dan and I went to visit a widow who is raising her four grand children. No one was home when we got there, and I remembered another couple who lived in the same neighborhood. We had befriended them a few years earlier but had fallen out of contact. Since Núbia no longer responded to my Facebook or text messages, I worried that they might be mad at us. (Who knows why?)

I had been praying for a way to be reconciled to them and was eager (yet fearful) to make the visit. Edson was home because he’d lost his job, but Núbia had not yet arrived from work. For an hour I sat on the sofa (as the men talked) and asked the Lord to soften Núbias heart toward me. But I needn’t have worried. When she arrived, she gave me a bear hug and explained that she’d closed her Facebook account AND that her cell phone had been stolen in December, both of which had caused us to lose contact.  What a relief!

Then we sat down and had a good talk about how much the Lord has been graciously helping them through MANY trials (job loss, surgeries, wayward daughters, mean co-workers, no money, etc.) The truth is that many of the challenges of church planting had been weighing me down and it was balm to my heart to be reminded of God’s faithfulness. We cried tears of joy together.

As we were leaving, I asked if there was any way we could help them and they said that their water and electric bill were due. We “just happened” to have benevolent fund money (set aside for the widow) and gladly contributed toward their need.

I’m still amazed at how the Lord used that detour to (1) answer my prayer for reconciliation, (2) meet my need for encouragement, and (3) meet their need for those bills. We serve an amazing Savior!’



6 thoughts on “The Joy of Reconciliation

  1. God’s ways of answering our prayers are so amazing and His timing is perfect!!! What a faithful Father we have. From experience we say Amen.

  2. How wonderful that God encouraged all of you at the same time. He’s pretty good at that! Thanks for sharing.

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