God’s Unlimited Resources

Nubias Aunt in Wheelchair

We keep learning to trust God with our needs. I wrote last month about how He took us out of our rented building (rather suddenly) and showed us that He had everything under control by providing a much bigger place (for free!)

Last week my friend Núbia sent me a message asking for help to get a wheelchair for her aunt who is quadriplegic. I wrote back that we could contribute a little and asked how much she needed. Her answer surprised me. “I’m not asking for money. I’m asking for a wheelchair.” I knew right away that Dan and I couldn’t afford to buy one; the only solution was to trust Jesus to send one. On Friday I sent text messages to various church groups on social media and waited for God to do a miracle. A few people responded with suggestions, but nothing materialized right away.

Sunday night our church plant gathered for worship. It was a small group of fifteen with one visitor. During the prayer time Dan shared about our need and the visitor immediately raised her hand. “I have a brand new wheelchair in my closet at home and I’d love to donate it to your friend.” Why were we so stunned when the Lord answered our prayer? Tuesday we picked it up and delivered it.

The visitor, Bira, is a friend of one of our members, but she lives almost an hour away. The chances of her coming to our services again are very slim, but God put her there that night to fulfill His purposes and to grow our faith. We praise Him for His goodness.


7 thoughts on “God’s Unlimited Resources

  1. Woohoo! Talk about a divine appointment! God knew the need before you asked, arranged for that visitor to be there at the right time, and put it in her heart to respond. Praise the Lord!

    Shirley McMillan

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