Reinforcements on the Way!

PetersonWe’ve been praying for the Lord to grow our church planting team and He is so beautifully answering. A young Brazilian couple from Cuiabá will be moving here in January to lend their support.

We knew Peterson and his wife Adriana when we served in Cuiabá years ago. Adriana was a student at our Free Methodist seminary and Dan and I both had the privilege of teaching her. She was a model student, working hard and participating in class. So you can imagine our shock when she told us recently that she hadn’t even been a Christian when she started studying theology. Though she’d tried to follow Jesus as a teen, she had quickly given up her faith when she began university studies. But she’d been so unhappy that she decided to “give Christianity one more try” by going to our seminary. She dared God to show up and prove He was real, or she’d be giving up her faith for good. When we were teaching her, we had no idea this was going on.

How we thank the Lord that Adriana came back to Him through her seminary classes. And we thank Him even more that she married one of our teachers, Pastor Peterson. They have been serving the Lord faithfully for 15 years and wherever they’ve gone, the church has grown.

Now they (and their two young children) will be moving to Brasília. Both of them are leaving financially secure jobs to take this step of faith. We praise God for their willingness to trust Him for all of their needs. We would ask your prayers for them as they make adjustments and begin their ministry.


5 thoughts on “Reinforcements on the Way!

  1. What a wonderful story, Hope! I’m so glad God has answered beyond and above all you could think or even imagine!. Praise His Name! Love, Lillian


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