John Wesley Book Released!

JW Madha cropped

My editor friend who made the manuscript perfect

During our 30 years of ministry in Brazil, I’ve lamented the lack of updated Wesleyan resources. My theology students respond enthusiastically to Wesley’s sermons even though they are only available in antiquated Portuguese. I’ve often wished that someone would edit the sermons to make them more accessible to all Brazilian Christians (not just seminarians). When my son Nathan suggested that I do it, I scoffed at the idea.

In spite of all my excuses of inadequacy, the Lord kept putting the project on my heart; I began reading and re-reading the sermons (in English and Portuguese), choosing and editing passages that could be read in a daily devotional format. Three years – and many tears – later the manuscript was completed. It was an act of faith because I didn’t know how in the world it would get published.

In February of 2017, I mentioned the completed project to our Free Methodist bishop who was visiting from São Paulo. The following week he happened to have a meeting with Adriel Maia, a publisher. When Adriel said he hoped to print more books based on Wesley’s sermons this year, Bishop Ildo told him about my project. The NEXT DAY I was invited to publish my book through the Methodist publishing house. The book was released in November.

Those who have read this blog for any length of time know the agonies I’ve suffered over this undertaking. I’ve worried about my insufficiency in Portuguese. I’ve worried about whether anyone would even read it. I’ve worried about how a no-name author like me would get published. But in the end, the Lord did it all. God is greater than our insecurities. He’s greater than our defects. He fulfills his purposes!



7 thoughts on “John Wesley Book Released!

  1. Congratulations on the book. I have prayed as you have mentioned the project through the years. Glad how the Lord worked out all the details as you faithfully followed Him!

  2. Praise God for what He’s done and using you to do it. I’m delighted to hear you’re finished as well as delighted with the format—a devotional book!


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