Child-Like Faith

Fernandas Birthday

Pic: Fernanda and Family

Our new pastor and his family have been in Brasília for a month and we’ve loved their enthusiasm and vision for the church. Although we’ve known Pastor Peterson and his wife Adriana for years, we are just now becoming acquainted with their two children. One day I took seven-year old Fernanda to the play area beside our building. She found a discarded bicycle to ride and as I watched her pedaling happily away, I wished I could buy her a bike of her own.

The next week our church plant held a week of prayer and fasting to dedicate our newly rented building to the Lord and to seek His will for reaching a new neighborhood. We met nightly at the church to intercede together. Sometimes the women prayed together while the children went with the dads.

On the last day of meetings, I was standing on the sidewalk of the church looking around for a place to put the garbage when I saw a bright pink bike propped up against the neighbor’s wall with a “For Sale” sign. When I discovered it was less than $20, I couldn’t resist. And, of course, Fernanda was ecstatic. Only later did I learn that she had been praying for a bicycle.

I love it that while the Lord answered her prayer, He was giving me the desire of my heart as well. If He can provide something as dumb as a bicycle, just think of the other answers to prayer that are on the way!


2 thoughts on “Child-Like Faith

  1. It’s amazing and wonderful how God works out large and small issues to give us good things. Glad you could enjoy this blessing for Fernanda.

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