Missionary Diary Entry #4

Still waters final.png(This happened a few months ago, but is a good example of how the Lord helps us at every turn.)

Dear Diary, We just had a visit from superintendent Pastor Marinho whose church is growing at an amazing rate; he told us that although he is busier than ever, he has never been more at rest in the Lord. It was a precious reminder that God does the work and that we are only His servants. Once again I placed myself completely in the Lord’s hands. That decision was tested immediately as our week took off.

We had overnight company on Tuesday and Wednesday. Saturday I was scheduled to speak at a ladies’ retreat. I woke up in the middle of the night on Tuesday with the outline in my head. I got up and quickly wrote it down and went back to bed. It took me a day to recuperate after our guests left on Thursday, so it was only on Friday that I could tackle my presentation. The Lord helped me! On Saturday I was able to relax and speak from my heart. I was supposed to talk 30 minutes, but it was closer to an hour when I got done. Not a single person moved while I was speaking. Only the Lord could have done that. 

As soon as I got home from the retreat I began prepping for the kids’ Sunday school class for the next morning. Sunday afternoon we picked up one of the new teachers at the American school to spend the afternoon with us. In the evening we went to church. What a joy to see every chair filled! I spent the service translating for our teacher friend, then put her in a cab to go home, and rushed home to prepare for our (surprise) overnight company. I just happened to have made a cucumber salad that afternoon. Just happened to have defrosted all the ingredients for tortillas. And just happened to have half a lemon cake left over from our afternoon company, so the meal was a cinch. It was as if I was moving along in a dream, with the Lord providing the strength and grace for each new challenge. SO PRECIOUS!!!



5 thoughts on “Missionary Diary Entry #4

  1. Blessed story, dear Hope. By the way, did you know that my Auotbiography is now available on Amazon? An Irrepressible Passion – pointing people heavenward. By Lillian Harriff Oliveira I don’t know if you can get it in Brazil. There’s a bit about you in it. Love you much! Lillian


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