The Soccer Connection by Dan Owsley

Riacho Fundo soccer team“Pastor, would you pleeeeeease coach my soccer team?” nine-year old Miguel asked excitedly. “Your team? You have a team?” I answered. I knew that Miguel was crazy about soccer. He always talked about his favorite players and teams when we came, but, this was news to me. Pastor Peterson and I had visited Miguel’s home over the past eight weeks, teaching about Christ and His salvation. Every week Miguel joined his two aunts and grandmother at the meetings and they had all asked Jesus into their hearts. Peterson and I had prayed about how to keep reaching out to this family after the series of home meetings ended. Perhaps this was the opportunity the Lord was giving us.

Not only would this give us a chance to continue investing in Miguel’s life, it would also enable us to reach more families for Christ in the neighborhood where we are planting a church. As we asked for more information about the team, Miguel rattled off the names of several buddies who were interested. Each child and his parents were contacted over the next few weeks. At the first practice (7am on a Saturday morning!) only three boys showed up. But Miguel was persistent and kept inviting friends and neighborhood boys. By the third practice, eight boys, ages 8-12, came. Several parents came bringing water and refreshments for the coaches and team members. As a result, many homes in Riacho Fundo are opening their doors to the gospel. We look forward to seeing how God is going to use these Saturday gatherings to help many families come to know Christ.



4 thoughts on “The Soccer Connection by Dan Owsley

  1. Wow, what a great opportunity! And you have such expertise at this, Dan. Good for you! My daughter was tapped to coach her 4-year-old’s soccer team, and she didn’t know anything about it! But she’s learning and his team won games. I trust this will not only be enjoyable, but bring about fruit for the Kingdom.

  2. Miguel, a persistent person of peace, inspired us and made us feel like today was Thanksgiving! We’re thanking the Lord for this fun break through in the community!

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