Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

NE trip public school          Last month I was visiting a Brazilian friend who lives in a remote town in NE Brazil. She teaches in a public school and asked if I’d be willing to visit each classroom to say a few words in English. We went through the standard, “Hello, how are you? I’m fine thanks, etc.” in each room and were well received by the students who rarely see a real American. As we were leaving the 8th grade class, an enthusiastic 7th grader ran up saying, “Please, would you come back to our classroom and tell us more about your life?”

It was a delight and privilege to share about my childhood dream of becoming a missionary and of how the Lord led me to Dan Owsley and to Brazil. I was able to talk about how He has helped us and guided us all through the years. Most Brazilians wonder how we could leave a prosperous country like the U.S. to come to a country with so many problems, so I made sure to explain that there is no place in the world as safe and secure as being in the center of God’s will.

I thank the Lord that my friend’s simple request gave me the unexpected opportunity of sharing my testimony.

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