Call the Whole Family! by Dan Owsley

Brazilians PrayingRecently I visited Manoel, a van driver who I befriended last year. He welcomed me onto his veranda where we were joined by his wife and step daughter. After small talk, I asked him about his walk with God. He told me he was faithfully reading the Bible I had given him. His step-daughter confided her concern about her teen-agers who were getting involved in drugs and petty crime so we prayed together for them.

Soon Manoel’s eleven year old grandson, Luis Carlos, ran by with a kite in hand. When he stopped to talk with us, I told him a story from my childhood about how I used to make and sell kites to the kids in our neighborhood. I noticed that other relatives were listening in. After more conversation I offered to read a portion of Scripture. Manoel asked his wife and daughter to call the whole family. As they scurried off to invite those who lived nearby, Manoel reached for his Bible.

One by one the group gathered: sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, grandchildren (including the stepdaughter’s two children).   Fifteen people stood on the veranda around me as I read the story of Levi, the tax collector. I told them of how he promptly obeyed Jesus and invited him into his house for a banquet. All heads were bowed as I prayed that each of them would follow Jesus and invite Him into their lives. I sensed the Lord’s presence and praised Him for this precious opportunity to share the gospel.

6 thoughts on “Call the Whole Family! by Dan Owsley

  1. It’s remarkable how much the Lord loves the family! Thank you for your love for Jesus and Manoel’s family that made a way to speak of Jesus and His Kingdom. What a wonderful testimony to the Lord as He grows each detail from that afternoon in each precious life.

  2. Praise God! His word is living and operative, God is mighty to save. May God continue to richly bless you in his work. Your cousin Nicki

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