The Blessings of Inadequacy (Part 1) – Complete Dependence Upon God


(Our family at the time of this story)

We don’t often realize how little control we have over our lives until a crisis hits. The Corona Virus has accentuated that in recent days. We worry needlessly until we remember that in the midst of uncertainty, Christ is our sure Hope. In our 30 years on the mission field, God has worked most powerfully when we were at our weakest. In the next few posts, I’ll be sharing some of the lessons we’ve learned.

The first thing we’ve learned is that our helplessness drives us to God. When we moved to Cuiabá fifteen years ago, every part of our new life seemed insurmountable. Our four sons, who had been homeschooled, were struggling to adjust to “real” school. They were miserable so I was miserable. I was having difficulty finding my niche at our church.  We had theological differences with our co-workers. Nothing seemed to be going right and I cried out to the Lord for help.

Imagine my surprise when our pastor’s wife invited me to join her for Bible study. (She was someone I thought I could never get along with.) As we dug into God’s word, the Lord knit our hearts together. Furthermore, our study on the life of Joseph held many transforming truths for me. If Joseph could be a slave and a prisoner and yet still be described as “a success” (Genesis 39), couldn’t I trust God to give me that same kind of success (an inner assurance and integrity) in adverse circumstances?

As I began to focus on the Lord’s faithfulness and to trust Him more fully to help me face my trials, things turned around. MY CIRCUMSTANCES DID NOT CHANGE, but the Lord wonderfully helped me to love and serve without the self-pity that had been overwhelming me. I realized that my troubles had become a blessing because they had driven me to the only One who could help me.

One thought on “The Blessings of Inadequacy (Part 1) – Complete Dependence Upon God

  1. So very appropriate in light of world events. I trust you are staying well. Here in Michigan, tomorrow noon we go on a semi-lockdown. Our Tuesday study is postponed along with almost everything else. Two of my kids are working remotely. I trust your kids are all coping ok. Praying for an end to this crisis soon, and even more, that God will use it for His glory.

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