The Blessings of Inadequacy (Part 3) – No Room for Pride

CAMINHADA-1500x1500 croppedThe Bible teaches that the Lord’s strength is made perfect in our weakness. But we don’t often experience it until we are at our lowest. I’ve written before about how feelings of helplessness and inadequacy are constant (and necessary) reminders of our complete dependence on Jesus.

When I felt the Lord leading me to edit John Wesley’s sermons for modern day readers, I was overwhelmed with insecurity. Like Moses I kept making excuses for why the Lord could not possibly use me. “Who am I, Lord? I haven’t got any high-sounding credentials. Besides I’m not eloquent” (Exodus 4:10) I lost count of how many times I told the Lord that my Portuguese wasn’t good enough. Couldn’t He please find someone else better qualified to write the book? The more I cried, whined and complained, the more He took me by the hand and helped me to sit down in front of my computer to do the impossible. When the book was finished, I couldn’t take any of the glory for it. I knew without a doubt that I couldn’t have written the first paragraph without Him.

Getting to the end of our own resources isn’t always a bad thing. It is then that we discover God’s abundant provision and help. The next time the Lord leads you into an area where you lack expertise, and the devil tells you “There’s no way you can do it,” you can agree with him! Just be sure to remind him of 2 Corinthians 12:9 that allows you to boast in your weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on you.

3 thoughts on “The Blessings of Inadequacy (Part 3) – No Room for Pride

  1. When I am praying for our missionaries, including you, I wonder how you are doing in the current situation? How is God protecting you while enabling you to do the work he has for you in Brazil? From TV, it seems that thousands are dying unnecessarily because Brazil’s president refuses to acknowledge the pandemic for what it is and to put the appropriate measure in place to limit the spread. We saw acres and acres of newly dug graves for the indigenous people who are dying without any medical resources. It is quite headbreaking and so I wondered how the situation is with you? Praying for your protection always. Sending love and a hug, Teresa Mast.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement through this post, dear friend! May God be praised for His help in your book project!

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